¿Hasta qué punto debe responsabilizarse a un niño de ocho años? Recientemente, estaba desplazándome por Tik Tok procrastinando como siempre, cuando vi un chico que contaba su historia. Dejó su país cuando tenía ocho años con su hermano de quien se separó. Estaba perdido en un país que no conoce, un idioma que no puede hablar y durmiendo bajo puentes.

Lo que me desconcertó y me mostró lo ignorante y odioso que puede ser la gente, fue la sección de comentarios. Fue horrible. “Deberías haberte quedado en tu país, entonces eso no te habría pasado”. “Vienes aquí por limosnas”. “Tu…

Up until what point should you hold an eight-year-old accountable? Recently, I was scrolling through Tik Tok procrastinating like usual, when I came across a guy telling his story. He left his country when he was eight with his brother who he got separated from. So this kid is lost in a country he doesn’t know and a language he cannot speak, sleeping under bridges.

What baffled and showed me how ignorant and hateful people can be, was the comment section. It was awful. “You should have stayed in your country, then that wouldn’t have happened to you”. “You just…

Why you should reflect on past mistakes, and by this I mean the times you got into trouble with an authority figure. Reexamine those memories objectively without focusing on any of the feelings you had at the moment, really look at it from a different perspective. Think about facts, what you did, don’t try to justify anything and most importantly try not to think about the ramifications of your actions. This exercise works better with memories from long ago, around 5–15 years, as you are not that tied to these memories emotionally.

Now, take me for example, a couple of…


Just sharing all the stories I never had a chance to tell on an AskReddit post.

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